Personal Harvest Notebook


  • A6 notebook
  • 30 pages
  • Lovely range of papers (unlined)
  • Original monoprint cover design on heavy weight watercolour paper
  • Hand-stitched with linen thread

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These are really beautiful handmade A6 notebooks and illustrated with an original acrylic monoprint cover on heavy weight watercolour paper. They contain 5 signatures of folded reclaimed paper of different mix forming 30 pages. I have used linen thread to bind the pages to the spine.

These note books are a limited edition print run of 12. They come in two colour schemes; golden and cool purples.

At the time I made these, Autumn was in full swing! My head was full of ideas of the things we harvest in our lives personally. I am an avid gatherer of information that keeps my mind active and curious about the world around me. I like to use these little note books for recording my dreams when I awake in the morning as they are a handy little size to have by my bed. Their beautiful covers provide a feast for the eyes upon waking each morning and lift my spirits, whatever the day looks like outside.


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