• Acrylics and repurposed materials on stretched canvas panel
  • Approx 40 cm x 40 cm x 1.5 cm
  • Intuitive painting
  • Varnished sealed
  • Unframed


‘Ancestors’ evolved between the Celtic festivals of Lughnassadh and Samhain passing through Autumn Equinox (sometimes called Mabon) on the way. It’s a magical time for me because I adore the colours of Autumn. This time of the year can be very challenging for me because letting go of Summer is not always easy. I write a little about this in my blog post ‘The Therapy of Colour” because I noticed for the first time how the colours of autumn prepared me for Winter’s Rest. All three Celtic festivals concern themselves with Harvest. Laghnassadh (or Lammas) on August 1st is a time to give thanks to the grain harvest. Autumn Equinox (21st September) is the harvest of fruit and the final harvest of nuts and berries, is Samhain (modern Halloween).


As I painted, the composition took on the appearance of a field of grain under a harvest moon. I found joy in playing with the imagery that appeared on the canvas. One harvest gave way to another and one layer proceeded another. Imagery came and went. Fading and blending. The intensity of the painting increased as Samhain approached and I could really feel it and it caused my palette to change and golden hues surrendered to the complementary zing of orange and blue! Now fields of grain became stone uprights and I felt our ancestors saying ‘Remember Us and Our Ways’.

I have long been fascinated by the ancient history of the neolithic communities that once inhabited our land, and now, I felt them reaching out to me, communicating! The world of the mysterious cup and ring marks found on ancient stones up and down our island were demanding my attention! I felt a deep connection to them. At SOUL level. Whilst my brain has no idea what they mean, my soul felt comforted by their shapes and patterns. And so gratitude for harvest became a deep gratitude for the Harvest of my Soul. it felt as if I was being shown the way to value who I am and what I am and what I will continue to become.

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 1.5 cm


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