The Silence of Winter

And Nighttime Gardening

Today begins the season of Yule and entry into the darkest phase of the year, its depth marked by The Winter Solstice just before Christmas. It feels, for me, a mysterious, a magical, and a very healing time. I love it!

Twilight – Frosty Cold – a quick sketch as tea is made, outside on the patio table. The neighbours giant sycamores getting ready for another wintry night. My breath on frosty air and the silhouetted branches against winter blue lifts my heart.

I have recently discovered night-time gardening! Layered up and prepared with head torch, sometimes, sitting in front of the TV is not what the Soul wants to be doing. Night-time gardening on a still Winter’s night is crazily magical! Just make sure you move any obstacles out of the way to avoid trips and slips and twisted ankles. Go slow. Go peacefully. Go mindfully. And enjoy the wonders of night-time pottering and all the things you begin to discover! Who needs and expensive holiday when you can travel far in your own back garden?

Posted 23rd November 2018

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