The Therapy of Colour

And Chakra Healing

I have been posting on my social media channels in recent months how I had been finding it hard to let go of Summer this year!

The strength of the midsummer sun is HOT. Searingly hot! What a shock I got realising this in dampest, wettest, West Cumbria that Summer!

It was, for about eight consistent weeks between the end of May and the middle of July a wonderful summer season. I loved it! But, it left us quite suddenly in Cumbria, and knowing that it wasn’t going to be returning in the heatwave we had had, I was surprised by my sadness. It was very real. An Autumn Girl was mourning the loss of Summer Daisies terribly. Daily I checked the temperatures in other parts of Britain and further afield – Spain, Cape Verde and Sicily on my BBC weather app! We were nowhere close! I had never been so bothered before. What was my body telling me?

When the October holidays came and we headed off to the Isle of Mull, I found myself observing my thoughts – how I would manage this year when I was yearning warmth and light so much? I love Mull, its wildness, its wildlife, its opportunities to explore new places. I am always grateful for this experience, time to rest and time for solitude. But… I saw that I was also out of sorts and unsettled.

It was unfounded!

Over the week as I rested and drew in my sketchbook, the landscape that I observed filled my eyes with the colour of Mull in late October. Beechy oranges, lime green mosses, mustards, yellows, every colour crystallised by the rain. I was receiving a healthy dose of sacral and solar plexus energy and I noticed that my grieving for summer lost lifted. I had summer within me! And a sketchbook full of ideas to develop into paintings!

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