tracy metcalf

I am an artist working from my studio, set back from the Solway coastline at Burgh-by-Sands, approximately 6 miles west of Carlisle. The main north window looks over a fallow field, a Roman vallum, trees and hedgerows. Beyond lies The Solway. The smaller west window catches the evening sun from Spring Equinox onwards and I trace its passage through to Midsummer, when the setting sun illuminates the North window. In this sense, the studio feels alive… breathing.

I am interested in working with natural pigments and homemade mediums as well as repurposing and reusing, therefore minimising waste and the exploitation of Earth’s precious resources. We consume too much!

My work involves communicating emotion and remembering’s (memory) in response to my place in Nature. Truth for me is how I am affected by my place in landscape. I am interested in the energy and wisdom of plants, trees and animals as well as my own inner journey as woman.

My work is a contemporary practice that often incorporates several disciplines; the written word, collage, print, paint, object, book. I am regularly mentored in my practice by London-based Professional Artist and Freelance Lecturer Steve Humble.

Ritual and Sacredness are important elements of my practice and whilst some pieces are worked on in cycles, honouring a shift in a season or within my own self, other pieces mark a momentary event like an astronomical observation or the bittersweet ephemeral beauty of something witnessed, yet so easily unnoticed. I am also interested in capturing the passage of time and the essence and experience of emotion. Rest is also an important element in my work and it very much relates to the journey I have taken through life as well as what I learn from Nature herself. All this is represented by my pieces.